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The Writer’s Share Presents Rod Picott, Jon Latham and Wild Ponies

Thursday, May 21
Show | 8pm // Doors | 7pm

Rod Picott is a former construction worker turned award-winning singer-songwriter who has released eleven albums since 2000. Picott has written two poetry collections God In His Slippers and Murmuration (Mezcalita Press). His book of short stories titled Out Past The Wires is published by Working Title Farm. Rod Picott was born in New Hampshire, raised in Maine and has lived in Nashville, Tennessee, for twenty-five years. Picott types with two fingers as he failed typing class – though excelled in English and Literature.

“Life-loving poems that tell you what you need to know.” – Nicholson Baker author of The Anthologist

“A skilled and honed storyteller who’s slow-burning prose works like a series of brutal hits to the body that doesn’t let up.” – Brian Panowich author of Bull Mountain

For more information on Rod Picott’s work visit: www.rodpicott.com
Jon Latham

Growing up in the shadow of Atlanta, Jon Latham took in all the elements of his suburban existence while being raised i a home with a broad, eclectic musical pallet. Years of cutting teeth in bars, coffee shops, and open mics opened the door for his relocation to Nashville in 2013, where he began crafting the experience of his past into songs. His first album, Real Bad News, was met with surprising critical acclaim, even making the Bitter Southerners Year-end list of best albums of 2015. His sophomore release, Lifers, followed in 2017, released on local label Cafe Rooster Records. Jon’s live performances have cemented his reputation as a promising new face in the flourishing East Nashville music community, and Rolling Stone even featured him as a “New country artist you need to know”.
Wild Ponies

Wild Ponies offer dead right, honest songwriting delivered in a hauntingly beautiful yet gritty, neo-traditional Americana wrapper. Their newest release Galax salutes Wild Ponies’ traditional roots while exploring new, progressive territory. It’s an album about the pieces of our past that stick with us, informing our present while pushing us toward a future. An album that redefines Wild Ponies’ sound, while highlighting influences that have always rested just beneath the surface.

“We’ll always be the pinball that bounces between folk, rock & roll and country,” says Telisha, “and this Old-Time style will always weave its way through everything we do. It’s been there from the start, even on the loudest songs we’ve made. It only took us a couple of days to record it, but this is the album we’ve been making our whole lives. We just needed the right people and the right songs to finish it.”