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Embark on your creative journey at WORKPLAY, where collaboration thrives in our vibrant shared spaces. Our cutting-edge facility not only caters to film production needs but also fosters a dynamic community atmosphere. Within our versatile complex, multiple offices and leased spaces are available, housing diverse tenants such as film production companies, a fully capable commercial/voiceover studio, and even a chic hair salon. For those seeking a long-term creative hub, ten spaces are open for lease, each crafted to suit unique requirements.

What sets WORKPLAY apart is our expansive co-work/shared space, a bustling epicenter usually reserved for the energy of film production crews. This collaborative environment is designed to inspire and accommodate various creative endeavors, offering a unique blend of productivity and camaraderie. As you explore our facility, don’t miss our sophisticated conference room overlooking HARMONIC – a perfect setting for both productive meetings and shared moments over cocktails with your guests. Having hosted numerous film crews, WORKPLAY seamlessly integrates a 5,000-square-foot SOUNDSTAGE within our facility, providing filmmakers easy access to a versatile production space. Join us at WORKPLAY, where the synergy of shared spaces and film production excellence fuels your creative aspirations.